Who are we, you might be asking?!

Conozca Israel, LLc is a fully licensed and insured Seller of Travel based in the State of Florida. Our mission, which dates back to 2009, has been to be the tour and travel operator of choice for those seeking to fulfill their lifelong wish to visit Eretz Yisrael. Because we know that it can be a daunting journey, we only offer our concierge services when booking a trip a to Israel. However, this doesn’t mean it’s going to cost you an arm and leg! It’s about making it nothing less than a complete experience like none other offered by some of the other guys who claim to specialize on travel to the Holy Land. The best summary that we can offer you is that when you travel with Conozca Israel, we are your direct connection to everything in Israel. We are not in the business of re-selling travel for a wholesaler, or anyone else, instead we are customizing it for you, and the group you are traveling with.

In addition to our holy land concierge services, we do have other offerings that we make available to our friends and family, including some self servicing travel opportunities with partnerships that we have vetted and carefully selected. Here are a few options for all other travel choices:

If you are considering an all-inclusive to the Caribbean, or travel to Latin and South America, then check out our sister company Conozca Travel . This is an amazing portal which focuses on serving our Spanish speaking clientele. The site offers you an amazing array of options which searches against an inventory of over 150,000 hotels and over 200+ airlines.

If you happen to have Europe, Eastern Europe, or Asia on the mind, then check out our Airline Ticketing Hub. We are sure you’ll find some great flight deals that are deeply discounted.

Looking for a cruise across the high seas? Then click here and visit our affiliation page. It is just a sampling of what we have access to. If you don’t seem to locate what you are looking for, then just contact us directly. Use our contact page, and just tell us what you have in mind.

We’ll soon be sharing updates and limited offers via our social media outlets. So keep your eyes open, it only continues to get better from here.